Frequently Asked Questions
We're glad to share information about the cats we enjoy so much. Here are answers to questions we're asked quite frequently while at cat shows.

Richson Bella of Tenderclaws
Grand Champion,
Regional Winner

This tortoiseshell and white kitty is an exceptional example of the breed; playful and loving.


It was love at first sight...
... between the Cornish Rex cats and me! My first Rex experience was in 1994 with a tiny, black-smaoke kitten we named Mickey. He looked like most rex babies -- no hair, huge ears, skinny long legs, abig tummy and a skinny tail. Mickey jumped on my shoulder, nibbled on my hair and face, and I was hooked! (As a child, I remeber playing with cats instead of dolls. I dressed them up in the doll clothes and rolled them around in the buggy... they loved the attention. I've taken Mickey to a nursing home for visits. He and the residents loved and benefited from the experience. Through the cats and going to cat shows, I've made some wonderful friendships with people from all over the United States. There should be a Cornish Rex in your future!

Responsible breeding...
... to me means the health of the cats, their temperment, and breeding to the profile of the Cornish Rex.

Kitten Care
I feel kittens need constant human contact from birth on. This enables the kittens to bond quickly and adjust to their new owners. They also need the experiences of cruising the house and not being confined to a cage constantly. They should be vet checked for excellent health before going to a new owner.

Kitten availablity
Here are a few kittens currently available. Please call to inquire about others. I generally have kittens available year-round.
cornish rex kitten
cornish rex breeder cornish rex cattery

Retired adult availablity
In addition to these two adults, I have several more available. Please call to inquire.
adult cornish rex cat adult cornish rex